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Parent - Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

School-based PCIT Clinic

Empowering Parents, Teachers and Children

Ingleburn Public School and five other primary schools and preschools from South-West Sydney (Macquarie Fields PS, Sackville Street PS, Warwick Farm PS, Robert Townson PS and Campbelltown Community Preschool) have partnered to establish the world’s first research trial of school-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Approximately 6% of Australian children have disruptive behaviour disorders. These problems persist throughout life and lead to later mental illness, family dysfunction and violence, academic failure, and criminality, making them a serious public health concern.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an “evidence-based treatment”. It has been scientifically studied in thousands of children and shown to be statistically and clinically effective in helping children with disruptive behaviour problems get back into the typical range of functioning.

The unique school-based PCIT program see parents receive ‘real-time live coaching’ from a certified therapist, who observes the parent and child playing from behind a one-way mirror. Using the latest technology, the therapist coaches the parent to apply evidence-based parental strategies by speaking into a microphone that connects to the wireless earpiece worn by the parent. The length of the program is tailored to the specific family needs, typically ranging from 14-21 sessions.

Teachers of a student participating in the program will be invited to access informational and in-class support services tailored to the unique needs of both the student and teacher. These supports are designed to help teachers acquire and develop skills to better manage problematic behaviours within the classroom, which helps create a more positive teaching and learning environment for all.

Children with untreated behaviour disorders may continue to be difficult and antisocial into their adult years. This can impact on their relationships, career prospects, and quality of life. Some children will develop more serious conduct and antisocial personality disorders, which are characterised by persistent aggressive, criminal and violent behaviours. By providing this early intervention within the schools and involving children, parents, and teachers, we will not only support at-risk children, improve their heath, wellbeing, social and academic outcomes but also positively influence overall family functioning, and create better teaching and learning environments.

PCIT program is offered free of charge to identified at-risk students and their parents. The clinic operates from Ingleburn Public School and services the greater Campbelltown/ Macarthur area.  Currently, the clinic is operating 2,5 days a week.

If you are a parent and you believe your child would benefit from PCIT program, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or school leadership.

PCIT Clinic is funded by the network of public schools (Ingleburn PS, Macquarie Fields PS, Sackville Street PS, St. Andrews PS, Robert Townson PS, Campbelltown Community Preschool and Warwick Farm PS)partners and supporters and by a variety of fundraising activities run by the schools. 

We are seeking additional funds to be able to open the clinic 5 days a week and support more children and families from South-West Sydney. If you or any philanthropic business would like to be involved and support this project, please do not hesitate to contact or Ingleburn Public School.

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